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REBORNTM – an Intensive 3 days workshop @ Chennai Tamilnadu is designed for those who are truly committed to taking their lives to the next level. Going beyond self-discovery and awareness, REBORNTM will take you past your belief system and into a new realm of possibility. You will access your own personal power and self-worth to create and achieve your intended extraordinary results as you renew your passion for relationships and the freedom life offers.


REBORNTM is for people who are:

  • Ready to transform their lives
  • Willing to pay the price for positive changes in life
  • Willing to recognize their limitations and overcome their barriers.
  • Willing to be authentic, committed and responsible

Some of our past participants profile : Managers, Human Resource Heads, Trainers, Team Leads, VPs, Entrepreneurs, etc


About the Coach

Sharmila Devi is an NLP Leadership Coach and has been in the field of NLP Coaching for 7 years working with clients and companies to create the change they want. She has been offering a comprehensive range of trainings in Leadership Excellence with NLP and Pro-active Leadership, Self- transformational Workshops for Managers, Executives, Entrepreneurs, Trainers, Young Leaders and Organisational Teams from various Industries.


What the previous trainees of REBORNTM are saying?

S.Ajay Sidhaarth

General manager - Vaighai International

“Sharmila’s training was highly interactive and refreshing. Each trainee was given equal attention. I would certainly recommend the training to my friends and colleagues. The three days training program was highly effective without boredom or anything of that sort. The training program has instilled confidence in me and has made me a better person. The training had me rethink my life path. I feel highly motivated and a clear path is laid out for everyone in the program. After the training, I feel highly focused and my positive beliefs strengthened. I shall hang on to my values and principles and apply it in my work / life.”




Upcoming Dates

August 07,08 & 09, 2017



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For Further Enquiries

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Mobile Number : +91 9943358598

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