Leadership Coaching:

Leadership Coaching is for organisational leaders, potential leaders, students and entrepreneurs, As we are living in the digital era of handling Gen Z and Gen Y s together. no longer being a manager in an organisation works. This new era needs leaders as Self leaders for themselves, leaders as coaches.

  • Are you solving the problems for your team?
  • Are you instructing the team what to do or what you need every time?
  • Are you pushing them to get results?

If the answer is ‘Yes’, for any one of the above questions, you are being a Manager rather than a Leader.

Leadership Coaching enables the leaders of the organisation to elevate their leadership skills to

  • Understand Pro-active vs Reactive Leadership
  • Practice Active Listening
  • Become a visionary
  • Build Rapport with the team and Superiors
  • Handle their emotions in balance
  • Coach the team to unleash their innovation, potential and commitment
  • Make feedback & learning as the organisation culture

Duration of the program will differ according to the requirements of the organisation.

Behavioural Coaching:

Behavioural Coaching is the customised workshop, which will be designed according to the behavioural/ attitude / emotional status of the people / team in the organisation.

Working as an individual doesn’t make any organisation successful but working as a team really makes a big difference. When work and lead with teams, communication, problem solving and relationship skills really matters. Behavioural problems arises when there is a difference in individual/ team values, beliefs and culture. These problems can be resolved not only by the code of conduct in the organisation but also by the self awareness, realisations, openness and flexibility to transform themselves.

The Coach enables the viable environment to improve the performance of the individual/ team during the program to

  • Overcome their behavioral issues
  • Resolve their inter personal & intra personal conflicts
  • Realise the perspective differences
  • Understand the behavioural patterns of oneself and others
  • Model the excellence
  • Communicate effectively
  • Build lasting bonding with collaegues

Duration of the program will differ according to the requirements of the organisation.
Behavioral coaching can also be done as One on One if required.

Sales Coaching:

Sales Coaching by Sharmila is based on NLP tools and Relationship Selling techniques which focuses on how to prompt a customer right time and close the sale rather than oversell the product and wait for the customer to say YES.

In any organisation, Sales Team plays a vital role by acting as a bridge between the customer and the organisation. Many salesmen are very good in explaining the benefits of the products and information about the products very well. Most of the sales systems focus only on the conscious mind. If your salesperson concentrates on the conscious part of the customer, they could communicate only the 10%of the information to the customers and miss the 90% of the unconscious part.

Sales Coaching Workshop helps the sales team to

  • To upgrade the selling skill of the sales team
  • Create a instant rapport with the client in short time span
  • Build a strong Customer- Salesman relationship
  • Make the seller more of a problem solver to the customer
  • Earn buyers’ trust to win deals rather than negotiating the price

Duration of the Sales Coaching session will depend on the requirement of the organisation