Behavioural Coaching

Behavioural Coaching is the customised workshop, which will be designed according to the behavioural/ attitude / emotional status of the people / team in the organisation.

Working as an individual doesn’t make any organisation successful but working as a team really makes a big difference. When work and lead with teams, communication, problem solving and relationship skills really matters. Behavioural problems arises when there is a difference in individual/ team values, beliefs and culture. These problems can be resolved not only by the code of conduct in the organisation but also by the self awareness, realisations, openness and flexibility to transform themselves.

How would be the program beneficial for your organisation?

Overcome their behavioral issues

Resolve their inter personal & intra personal conflicts

Realise the perspective differences

Model the excellence

Communicate effectively

Build lasting bonding with collaegues

Understand the behavioural patterns of oneself and others

Duration of the program will differ according to the requirements of the organisation. Behavioral coaching can also be done as One on One if required.

Happy Stories

Vigneshwar A.S
Vigneshwar A.SMBA Student
Whatever she explained , that was amazing.She is not only a coach, but also has a good clarity of understanding the people.I got an excellent answers when I asked a question in the doubt session , which I was searching for a long time in my life.
Subbu Priya Subburaj
Subbu Priya Subburaj
The session made me to have self realization and understanding for achieving my goal . Thank you so much mam
Tulsi Patel
Tulsi PatelKolkatta
Thanks so much for your very valuable training. I really enjoyed it, and appreciate your work. I feel much better and got prepared to deal with uncomfortable issues. Thank you Sharmila for your wisdom, experience and personable presentation.
SaravananStudent - Vallabha Vidyalaya
The program was fabulous and really enjoyed it. It was really useful to know about me and my friends and had a huge relief after the program and also was a good experience.THANK YOU.
Sangita Desai
Sangita DesaiA&T Networks Ltd
This was my first stint with NLP ,never knew what to expect .But it turned out to be a wonderful learning experience about myself and people around me .Few things were in the subconscious mind but was'nt aware about, learnt about it.I feel it was rather a life skill training ...

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