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and to let you write your own success story ” Coaching arrow_forward About me arrow_forward "What you think and believe about you and the world becomes your reality. But remember, you can always create your own new reality. And my role
is to coach you to overcome your limitations, broaden your possibilities Sharmila Devi

About me.

Hi , hearty welcome by Sharmila!

I am Sharmila Devi NLP – Clarity Coach, having hands-on experience in coaching thousands of people and making differences in their lives with the power of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
My ultimate purpose is to awaken the inner-self, reveal the untapped potential, and make a positive influence on people around the world. My Coaching Programs are creating an impact on Entrepreneurs, Leaders, Organization Teams, professionals, Students, Individuals, and also Families by accelerating their own resources to come with solutions.
Glad you are here and listen my video to know about how I started my journey and what inspired me to become what I am now. You would find a dimension of me as a coach who have the entrepreneur mindset in it when you watch it!

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Vigneshwar A.S
Vigneshwar A.SMBA Student
Whatever she explained , that was amazing.She is not only a coach, but also has a good clarity of understanding the people.I got an excellent answers when I asked a question in the doubt session , which I was searching for a long time in my life.
Subbu Priya Subburaj
Subbu Priya Subburaj
The session made me to have self realization and understanding for achieving my goal . Thank you so much mam
Bala Subramaniam
Bala SubramaniamTrellis Agro – Accounts & Finance Lead
Had a wonderful session with our team members and get exposure on how to communicate to the recipient and identifying the people's nature with their body language, eye contact and their explaining method. Know about the new idea's to handle the subordinates and leaders. Good and simple language used in ...
Vasanthan & Priya
Vasanthan & Priya
When we visit Sharmila mam first, we were puzzled how would it be like. But after her coaching session, we got to know about each other’s nature and needs in marriage. At the end of the session, we felt like we can carry our married life smoothly irrespective of any ...
Baskar & Hema
Baskar & Hema
We choose Premarriage Coaching with Sharmila mam because we are both divorcees of past marriage and lot of fears about the next marriage. Now we have better understanding of our non suppoertive behaviour in our past life and refresh ourselves to enter in to our new life. We are so ...
RajaDurai. S
RajaDurai. SA.K. Furniture
Sharmila is the best trainer I have experienced so far. The entire program was highly interactive and interesting. I learned how to build "Team Bonding" with my team rapidly.
Venkatesan Raman
Venkatesan RamanFL Smidth Pvt Ltd
We are evident of positive changes on our Safety Manager who attended,” Leadership Excellence with NLP “program and he impacting positively in workplace and personal life. Thanks for giving him that insight and make him in the learning journey of being resourceful.
Sharmila’s training program is very useful to our management and staff, after this program our staffs have notable positive changes in their work and behaviors. This program motivated our people to easily set her/his goal and encouraging teamwork.



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In Relationship coaching, I support you to widen your perspective and bring the bright light of awareness into the hidden corners of resentment, fear, and avoidance.  Read More


Pre Marriage coaching is for engaged couples who are getting ready to enter into married life and who are in relationship before marriage.  Read More

In Personal Life Coaching, I play the role of Non – Judgmental facilitator helping you find your best solution. My belief is everyone knows what is best for themselves.  Read More

Sharmila has done her Keynote Address for several Conferences, Conclaves & Public ceremonies to inspires and spread positivity with people.  Read More


Lorem ipsum, or lipsum as it is sometimes known, is dummy text used in laying out print, graphic or web designs.  Read More


QUEEN BEE helps every woman to realize the possibilities, rethink her perspectives, and let her identify and sculpt herself as per her life purpose.  Read More


TEEN MASTERS is designed carefully to experience and work with crucial situations that stimulate their positive thinking process and let them decide their life with responsibility and awareness.  Read More


Happy CoupleTM Workshop makes it possible for every married couple to live happily by deepen their understanding and redefine their love.  Read More


REBORNTM – an Intensive Self Transformation program designed in such a way to reveal the best person in you by bringing new realizations and learnings during the program.  Read More

Leadership Excellence workshop is for the one who wants to become a Transformational, Influential, and Visionary Leader.  Read More

Sales are not about selling anymore, it is all about creating a meaningful relationship with the client/ customer that can be the foundation of a lasting business relationship.  Read More


In Behavioral coaching, the coach facilitates the performance, learning and development of the individual or team by creating a platform to make behavioral changes in a team.  Read More


The greatest challenge of any Leader in an organization is “Lead Oneself”. Many leaders failed in their personal leadership mismanagement.  Read More


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Leadership Competency Coaching
  • November 9, 2021
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Leadership Coaching
  • November 9, 2021
  • 9:00 AM

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