Romance with Finance – Stronger Future Together

FINANCE is one of the least discussed topics among Indian couple. Especially avoiding financial matters with spouse is one of the common strategies which works well for many couples. But every couple could not deny the fact that Financial goals and decisions are very crucial for a family and it would be great if transparency lies on the same.

The most challenging part of every couple is ‘How to start the financial conversation?’ or ‘Why should I disclose all financials to my spouse which might have ended in conflict?’

ROMANCE with FINANCE program is designed with the support of both Relationship expert & Financial Experts to support the couple to engage in financial discussions and encourage both of them to achieve their family financial goals together.

Whom this Program for?

ROMANCE with FINANCE program is designed for the married couple who need professional guidance in discussing, planning and discussing their financial matters. And added with the right psychological approach with your spouse during conversation adds more value into it.

How ROMANCE with FINANCE will be helpful for couples?

Understand each other’s thinking and behavioural patterns
Understanding the differing values and beliefs on money
Knowing each other’s risk taking ability
Identifying the common and individual financial goals in family
Making positive money conversations
Effective organising & investing your finances

Happy Stories

Theertha Rishi Kumar
Theertha Rishi Kumar
I owe my thanks to Sharmila & Varadharajan because we always have different views on saving money and now, we come to a point on how we discuss & decide together to attain our family goals together.
Amarvora & Meera Vora
Amarvora & Meera Vora
The program goes with conversations with my spouse in which we could explore each other’s perspectives on finance, discussions about our family finance , goals and guidance for asset management too. Thanks Sharmila and Varadha rajan for making this session thoughtful & funfilled.

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