Queen Bee – Empowering Women leaders

As a women you have so many dreams in your life and you might have unfulfilled wishes in your life.

You might have decided that these dreams are not for you and you won’t deserve that. You might be waiting for the right time to achieve your passion. You really wish to achieve balance with your family , personal life, business as well as the society. To balance all these things, any successful women have smile in her face, vision in her mind and love in her heart. Yes, I know you would like to become such kind of women in your life. And I am sure that YOU DESERVES , WHAT’S STOPPING YOU TO BECOME?


Queen Bee is a Self-Leadership Workshop especially designed for women who may be a home maker or business leader or a working professional to unleash their inner potential, to find their inner happiness, to achieve whatever they want in your life, to untie the emotional knots and to increase the emotional bondage between you family, friends and colleagues.

What will you learn and benefit at the end of the course??

Now it is time to sign up with me to spread your wings, free your cuffs and become a BEAUTIFUL, CONFIDENT, INDEPENDENT WOMAN because YOU ARE A QUEEN BEE!

Quickly identify and blast through the limitations that are holding you back in business / career and in life.
Gain that vital edge that makes you a far more effective and powerful communicator.
Develop instant confidence to achieve what you want in life
Master your own emotions so that you handle all eventualities easily
Enhance your personal and professional relationships

Happy Stories

PraveenaSmall Business Owner
The program was motivational to me to restart my life with new perspective and confidence. I will never stop listen my inner voice to achieve in my life from today onwards. I have got the idea that the gender doesn’t matter if I am strong in my heart. I thank ...
Swathi Priya
Swathi PriyaAccountant – Private Company
I found each and every learning from this program will be helpful for me to handle people in my family & office. I was overwhelmed when I realise I have got the capability to take decisions for my life which I never believed before. Thank you Sharmila and I wish ...
VaralakshmiBcom Graduate
I was in depression due to my family situation and have less confidence to start my new business which is my dream. After Sharmila mam’s workshop, I have got the confidence that I could overcome any challenges in my life and can run my dream business.

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