Teen Masters – Raising Self-Reliant, Responsible Future Leaders

The Teen age is one of the transition time for a child to enter into the new phase of life and the parents will notice their teen children’s change in behaviour, habits and activities. At the same time, the teenager struggles to find their individuality and wants to become independent in many ways. During this adolescent stage, their energy will be high and it is important to let them focus their energy, skills and time in a right way.

Teen Masters workshop focuses on learning new life skills and gives plenty of opportunities to become Self reliant, Responsible and Confident Individual. The program also opens space for Parent- Teen session to strengthen the bonding and understand each other in a better way.

How would be the program beneficial for you?

Act Independently

When a child grows in to a teen, the dependency on their parents has to be reduced and acting on their own gives lot of confidence with a teenager. The program helps them to manage their own chores , prioritize their work and empowering themselves.

Take Responsibility

Teenage is the period when the curiosity on exploring new things and experiencing new situations are in high. The teenagers are most likely to do mistakes and learn, The Coach supports them on how to responsibility for their actions and grow as a great individual.

Focus on Learning

Learning is a continuous process since Childhood. When a teenage child is in emotional distress or having a poor morale, there are high chances that their learning process to get distrupted and it will affect their academic performance too. The workshop helps them to improve their morale and focus on their learning academically & non academically.

Solve problems

A teenager often feels confused to choose an option and struggles to take a decision because of the parental expectations and societal pressure. The coach helps the child to take decisions and solve the problems on their own with confidence

Handle negative emotions and frustration

Hormonal changes , unhealthy life style and frustration in family affect the emotional health of a teenage child . The program gives guidance to them how to handle their emotions and build healthy relationship around them. Happy Teenagers holds lot of positivity and energy

Create their” Life Treasure map”

It is one of the most valuable tool given to the Teenager during the workshop. They will find their beliefs, values, priorities, aspirations , goals and future achievements with the guidance of coach .Most of the participants who attended the workshop love to derive the map.

Parents – Teen Bonding Session

Lot of conflicts and misunderstandings happen between the parent and child when raising a teenage child, Parents need to get connected with the child for better understanding and also has to keep in mind that the child ‘s mental wellness depends on the parental approach. The Parent – Teen bonding session improves the closeness and understanding on both sides. The session improves the trust with each other and builds a healthy environment in the family.

Happy Stories

Mr & Mrs. M. Nagarajan
Mr & Mrs. M. Nagarajan
Both of my kids can determine the future through the TEEN MASTERS Workshop. Also the program helps me understand my kid’s expectations. As parents, we will fulfil the expectations instead of pushing our expectations to them.
Mr. Mathan
Mr. Mathan
Teen Masters Workshop was very useful to me and my child. She opens up with me finally after many days. Whatever my thoughts, I was able to express everything to my child. Now we become the best father and daughter. Thank you Sharmila!
Mr & Mrs Saranyan
Mr & Mrs Saranyan
Good Insreospection by the child. Very nice initiative by Sharmila Devi. I want my son to find the purpose of his life. For which, the workshop is a good starting point.

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