Reborn - Rewrite Your Life Story

You have a dream for life and got stuck with the challenges faced in the profession, relationship, or business but you are busy with day to day activities, you are procrastinating things and planning again and again. This cycle is kept on repeating every day in your life. STOP Here!! And START to RETHINK about yourself. Here you have to work from your deeper self to detangle your life and release your unwanted habits or behavior to restart a new life!

REBORN is an Intensive Self Transformation Workshop based on NLP Tools to Reprogram yourselves completely by Realizing and Reengineering your patterns in thinking, behavior, and habits to produce a NEW YOU!

Life Shifts You Can Get From Reborn

Awareness on How You Run Your Life

You will get aware about your thought and behavioral patterns which you have been run your life so far.

Learn How to Communicate

You will learn various models of communication and could understand how to communicate outside and to yourself with various filters in your environment

Release Your Mental Blocks

By using various NLP Tools learnt during the workshop, you can release your unhealthy habits and unsupportive beliefs

Finding Your Own SUCCESS MODEL

When you know how to unlearn your unresourceful model which pulled you down, you can Reprogram and Learn your own SUCCESS Model which lifts you up and unleash your real potential.

Build Strong Bonding With Others

You can build strong rapport with people in your life and profession by understanding the science behind creating a common ground with them in less time. So that you can improve your relationship with others and create a happy , successful environment around you.

Steer and Lead Your Life

You will know how to take control of yourself and steer your life accordingly whenever you are out of alignment in life.

Happy Stories

Ajay Siddharth

It was a great experience and the training was very much interactive. Sharmila’s training methods are refreshing and effective. I feel ‘REBORN Program’ has given me focus, the things I need to prioritize and the confidence boost to take that next leap

Mariappan Arunachalam

REBORN with NLP Program gave me a wonderful opportunity in my life to find how to achieve my life goals effectively. The program helped me to realize my life purpose and for that, I heartfully thank Sharmila

Shiva Chandru

Sharmila brought the best out of me! After the REBORN program, I realized that I am better than what I believed before. I also realized I had limited capabilities all the years in my life and now I know how to overcome such limitations. The program is useful for my business and family

What Coach Sharmila Says to You?

I support you on how to reframe your current beliefs and create a very powerful change in how you view the world and how you deal with difficulties in life. I will facilitate you to transform your limiting self-beliefs and move out of your comfort zones. So, you could break your mental barriers, and taking chances only helps to develop a fuller, happier, and infinitely more satisfying life. I would need your transparency, commitment and consistency to make things happen for you! I believe you can become what you have dreamt of!

It is never Late to Rewrite your Life Story! Sign up now for REBORN!

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