How to Make the Most of Every Board Meeting

The board of directors of a company or nonprofit provides strategic guidance and evaluates the progress of the organization, and examines and approves plans of actions. A successful board meeting generally will differ for each organization however, there are strategies that can energize discussions and encourage collaboration to make the most of every minute of the meeting.

The presiding officer calls the meeting to order at the scheduled time. The presiding officer then calls the participants to the roll and confirms that there is a quorum present. The board then goes over the agenda as well as the minutes of the previous meeting. Attendees may ask for the addition of amendments, modifications, or changes to the agenda or minutes.

In this portion of the meeting directors share their views and opinions on problems or opportunities the board is examining. They weigh pros and pros, risks, costs and the potential for profit from every opportunity in order to make an informed choice about the best options to explore.

The board then considers the future strategies to meet the organization’s objectives. They then develop an action plan to implement these strategies. This is an important part of the meeting to ensure that the company is on track to achieving its goals.

After the discussion the motions are put on a vote. The amount of votes for and against each motion determines whether the motion will be voted on. The meeting will be halted when a motion doesn’t pass.