Which Online Database Software is Best for Small Businesses?

Online database software allows you to manage and manage massive amounts of information using tables that are based on defined relationships (one-to many, many-to one). Unlike spreadsheets, these systems offer greater flexibility and support for complex data models. In the event that you want to improve your workflows or better understand the behavior of your customers, effective data management is vital for your business.

The right online database program allows you to keep track of inventory, sales figures, or project progress in real time. It can also provide an easy method of accessing your data from anywhere which makes it easier for team members to work remotely or via mobile devices.

Which Online Database Software is Best for Small Businesses?

There are a number of online database tools however, not all are suitable for small-sized companies. For instance, the free tool Airtable aims to be a “spreadsheet-database hybrid” that offers the familiarity of spreadsheet features but with more flexible table views. It may not be suitable for Excel users as some formulas are different.

Caspio is a platform that lets users to create databases-enabled websites without writing any code. This is a great option for those who are already tech-savvy or advanced Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Access users. Additionally, it allows users to create database applications without having to learn programming languages or rely on IT resources. The apps created by Caspio make use of a hosted SQL Server database.