Avast Free Review Windows

Avast free review windows

The interface of Avast is easy to use, with a clear separation between the different elements. The blue icons are easy to use, and have orange accents that match the logo of the company. The homepage allows you to run a scan, and then turn on the VPN and shortcuts to a couple of not-very-useful system optimisation tools are also available. However, the fact that most of Avast’s other features are hidden away within the “Explore” tab can be a bit frustrating.

Installation is easy, and you’re not required to use the free version. However, a thorough scan will identify “advanced problems” that require premium security to fix. This feels a little sneaky and especially when the Resolve button redirects you to a page asking you to sign to Avast’s Premium security plan. Avast sells user data, too according to a Which? article published in 2020. magazine.