Successful Deal Execution is a Matter of Timing, Focus, Skill and Skill

Timing, focus, skill and, most importantly, a cool focused mind are crucial for a successful deal’s execution. Deal professionals with execution proficiency are able to spot miscommunications while they are happening and clearly communicate complex concepts in writing, capture details, resist the urge to overlook the complexity and, when necessary create a calm and peaceful atmosphere on the people in their vicinity. It’s not only their investment skills that allow them to achieve this, however; it’s an exclusive set of skills.

Deal execution is what turns an acquisition proposal into a closed deal from selection and screening to final negotiations and integration. Investors must be able to effectively manage the entire process which can include a gated investment approval, a multi-staged due diligence process and a one-year operating plan. To accomplish this, investors need to be able to comprehend the global capital markets. They also have to be able to manage the whole process, which may include an investment approval gated by a company and a multi-staged due diligence process, as well as a 100-day operating plan.

Keep in mind that the other side is feeling the same emotions the way you do. It can be easy to let perceived minorities and miscommunications stall negotiations. To mitigate this, it’s good to enter negotiations with an attitude that get more is open to the possibility of concessions. However, always ensure you are offering something of value in return. This could be in the form of additional assets or a longer deadline or even a commitment to working together for the long haul.