Online Database Software

Online database software allows businesses to easily collect and organize daily work-related information while also facilitating smooth data sharing between team members, stakeholders and clients. These tools have a setup module that is only accessible to administrators, and an interface for the application that is accessible to all users. This helps protect valuable information from being misused.

There are a variety of databases software programs that are available online. It is crucial to think about the requirements of your organization when choosing a program. Take a look at the database software their flexibility, whether they can support multi-user systems, as well as how many searchable objects and views are available. These features aren’t included in all software but they are crucial to look for because they allow you to build a database that is tailored to your business.

Podio provides an excellent example of a database that can be adjusted to your company’s structures, processes and culture. It brings everything from conversations, files billing, and contact information into one platform, allowing teams to coordinate their efforts to achieve success. This online database software lets you modify your data by using apps from the Podio Marketplace. Granular admin control makes sure that your data is safe and up-to-date.

RowShare is another online database software that’s easy to use for non-technical people and requires no programming knowledge to create a table. It allows a variety of views for data and a variety of table templates. The program also has an option that allows administrators to grant access to specific rows on a per-case basis, ensuring security for sensitive information.