Aprio – Board Management Software

Board management software, also referred to as a portal or a board portal, is an electronic application that enables collaboration and communication between committees and boards. It streamlines the meeting process. It allows board members to examine and exchange documents in a safe online environment, and communicate with each other prior to, during and after meetings. It also offers the tools needed for the creation of agendas, surveys, and votes that allow all members to participate and take decisions together.

Aprio’s management tools for boards allow boards to reduce time spent preparing for board meetings. With the right features, it’s possible to make and edit an agenda in see post just a few minutes. These tools also provide multiple layers of stringent security, enabling administrators to control permissions and ensure that confidential information is secure.

Meeting times can be cut down by making it easy to access all documents in advance, and scheduling meetings in advance which allows you to make use of agenda templates and adding new items with a click of a button, timing agenda item discussion periods and including a short break between each session. Board management tools include a notepad for the board, where directors can share their views on specific issues either during or after the meeting. This allows them to actively participate in the discussion.

Board management tools permit easy sharing of important reports, such as the chief executive’s reports financial reports, chief executive’s reports, and committee reports. This eliminates the need for keeping copies of these documents on paper and also helps cut printing costs in addition to going paperless helps preserve the planet’s resources.