How to Host a Board Meeting Effectively

It’s a daunting task to organize an executive board meeting. It is important to balance making sure your team is engaged, in the loop and focused while providing a social environment that fosters collaboration and open communication. If you’re running a board meeting in person or remotely from several locations, you can utilize best practices to ensure that your meetings are more productive and enjoyable.

Get Sidetracked

The new topics of discussion that are discussed during your meeting can take valuable time away from your team and cause them to lose focus on the primary agenda issues. It is essential to give these topics the attention they deserve, while remembering your goal of advancing your organization’s objectives. One way to achieve this is to include a “parking lot” in your agenda, where you can place non-essential issues for discussion later on.

Following a Clear Sequence

A good board meeting will have a clear structure. This includes the call to orders and the review of the boardbook and the explanation of the procedure and the agenda of items to be addressed in the coming days and the discussion of both old and current business, and the adjournment. This allows you to quickly address your main issues and remain on time.

Maintaining focus in your meeting isn’t always easy, especially when a subject causes a lively debate. However, a lively debate is a good thing if you’re able to resolve the issue and move on with your agenda. Avoid rehashing previous discussions in-depth during your meeting, since it’s a waste of time.