What to Include and What Not to Include in Board Meeting Minutes

Whether your board is using a portal for its board or https://boardroombox.com/why-do-you-need-a-board-portal/ paper for your minutes of meetings, taking precise and precise notes is essential in keeping the board informed. It is important to know what information you should include and what not to.

For example If you record how members voted on the motion the minutes should record only the votes cast in support or against a decision – not the names of each person who made and seconded the vote. This will protect the board from legal challenges later on. The only exception to this rule is when the executive pay or financial transactions involving board members in these situations the names of the people who voted should be recorded as well as the reasoning behind the vote.

Another important element to include in the minutes of your board meetings is any information that can help to clarify the board’s decision-making process. It can include comments by your organization’s attorney or chairman however their opinions or conclusions should be clearly stated. It is also beneficial to include any reports or presentations presented at the meeting. This will let your board to know about any relevant developments and give insight to the entire team.

It is essential to remember that board meeting minutes are an objective and unbiased document of the board’s decision-making process. Therefore, it is best to not record any personal opinions, arguments or disagreements, political discussions, or idle conversations. Keep a focus on recording important facts and decisions, while maintaining the same neutral tone even when there is tension in the room.